DAY 26: Look Back, Go Back!

Read: Acts 18:23-19:12

Think: In Acts 18:23, Paul’s missionary travels continue, “After spending time in Antioch, Paul went back through Galatia and Phyrgia, visiting and strengthening the believers.” In this passage, we clearly see that Paul’s work not only included boldly preaching the Gospel to unbelievers, but he made a point to shepherd, baptize, and pray for the healing of the believers. By Paul’s third missionary journey he had traveled back and forth to places he had previously visited—sometimes staying a day, sometimes staying two years!

Act: Paul’s life challenges us all, not only to preach the Gospel to the lost but to nurture and care for those we’ve spiritually mentored over the entire span of our lives. For example, to this day, I’ve remained connected with students from past youth groups— even mentoring their children! I’ve also continued to encourage many women with whom I’ve mentored, though they live 1000’s of miles away. And if I have the opportunity to share the Gospel with a stranger on an airplane, I do my best to stay in touch with them, help them find a church in their area, and be sure they have a Bible. Today, identify one person from your past and give them a phone call, send an email, or make a visit to strengthen them in their faith. 

Pray: Dear Lord, show me who needs a word of spiritual encouragement. Help me to look back on my life and remember the students, neighbors, coworkers or classmates with whom I’ve had an impact for the Gospel and renew my friendship with them. Give me time and tenacity to reconnect with them—even today! Thank You, Lord! Amen.

Be full of faith today!