DAY 27: A Powerful Effect

Read: Acts 19:13-41

Think: Acts 19:20 says, “So the message about the Lord spread widely and had a powerful effect.” Almost every chapter in the book of Acts describes a release of God’s power upon citizens  whose changed lives immediately impacted their culture for the Lord Jesus Christ. Since the first century, history describes spiritual revival as having a powerful effect, not just on individuals, but on an entire culture because of the way it turns the masses from immoral, godless, chaotic, and brutal to moral, godly, orderly, and kind. Why and how does such a dramatic change occur? Charles Finney, revivalist and author of Finney’s Lectures on Revival, put it this way: Revival is simply a new beginning of obedience to God.

Act: The stories in the book of Acts tell of amazing turn-arounds, immediate healings, instant release from demonic oppression, changed minds, book-burnings, and the public confession of sin. The Book of Acts is a undeniable record of how citizens and cities were changed when they turned to God. Acts displays how the message of the Gospel is designed to have a powerful effect on a life, a community, and a nation. What would it look like if your community experienced a revival—a new obedience to God? Begin today to pray for a revival to explode, first in you, then in your school, workplace, or city. 

Pray: Dear Lord, begin with me. Show me where I need to obey you. I know that my city and nation needs a true revival—a return to obeying You and Your Word. Help me to become a part of revival—not only praying for it, but allowing Your Holy Spirit to have a powerful effect on every area of my life. I need You, Lord. Amen.

Be full of faith today!