DAY 25: Speak out. Don’t be silent.

Read: Acts 18:1-22

Think: In Acts 18, Paul travels to the city of Corinth—known as a wicked city, full of all kinds of immorality. Nonetheless, he preached regularly in the city and synagogue “trying to convince the Jews and Greeks alike,” that Jesus was the Messiah sent by God to all men and women. Even after facing considerable personal difficulty, many Corinthians became believers and were baptized! It was at this juncture that the Lord came to Paul in a vision and said, “Don’t be afraid. Speak out. Don’t be silent. For I am with you…” In other words, God told Paul to keep speaking! Acts 18:11 says, “So Paul stayed there for the next year and a half, teaching the word of God.”

Act: Theologian Wm. Barclay writes, “Just when Paul needed it, God spoke to him. Often he must have been daunted by the task that faced him in Corinth. But when God gives a man a task to do, he also gives him the power to do it. In the presence of God Paul found his courage and his strength.” Paul understood that the Good News is transported, transferred and transmitted by those who will speak out and not be silent! Today, send one email or write one letter to someone you know who has not given his or her life to Christ. More than likely, you know what holds them back. Address the issue specifically—and if you don’t know how to (1) answer their questions or (2) defend your faith—buy a book on apologetics (such More than a Carpenter) or take an online or college class at a nearby Christian university. God asks each of us to speak out and not be silent!

Pray: Dear Lord, give me courage to speak out about You—even when it feels overwhelming or difficult. Show me what to say that will bring breakthrough and understanding to those who don’t believe in You. And please, help me to grow in my knowledge of You and the Word of God. Take away my fears and fill me up to overflowing with an extra measure of Your Holy Spirit. I love you. Amen.

Be full of faith today!