Community Groups

Our Hope

Our hope is that everyone who calls Viewpoint Church their "home" church will get involved in one of our weekly Community Groups. Ideally, these individuals have completed our three class series or intend to complete this series. These communities are places you truly live out the gospel through life seasons of victories, struggles, hope and growth. No matter what season, life stage, or where you are at in your Christian walk, you will be loved and accepted in our communities.


The DNA of our Community Groups is based upon three markers: love, grow and serve.

Love - Community Groups are places to love and be loved. All that we do at Viewpoint Church, must come from a place of love. Love must be the foundation, motivation, and goal of our Community Groups.

Grow - Community Groups are places to grow in intimacy with God and others. We hold a high value on intentional daily quiet time and encourage daily scripture reading, intercessory prayer, listening prayer and other spiritual disciplines. We also believe community is a Biblical aspect of how we grow as brothers and sisters.God ultimately calls us to be united and connected as one. It’s through community that true relationships, bonds, and growth take place, which often is outside of the four walls of our church.

Serve - Community Groups are places to serve one another, the church, and your community. Mark 10:45, “even the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” True Christianity is a life filled with serving. Each person has unique gifts, talents, and strengths to serve inside and outside of the church.

Why get involved in a community group?

We believe that our groups are environments to love and be loved, to grow in intimacy, serve one another, and grow in deep-rooted community together. Church is not just a particular building, place, program, or person, it is the people. These groups are a place to see Christ in others, a source of accountability and guidance, a safe place of vulnerability, a place of worship and prayer, and ultimately a place to be loved. If we truly want to see revival, to see heaven come to earth, we have to be a collective body as one, purifying our walk, and obediently seeking to impact our communities, both local and worldly.

How do our groups work?

Our groups meet once a week, in the evenings for two hours in various locations around the Orange County. These groups are made up of approximately 6-12 individuals and led by trained volunteers. Group settings can vary, but the core of our group’s curriculum is based upon the previous week’s message. We encourage our groups to create an environment that allows for storytelling, an intimate time for individual or intercessory prayer and also a place for fun; a place that you can’t wait to get to each week!