Faith in Action

DAY 10: Have You Been Baptized?

Read: Acts 8:14-40

ThinkThe Holy Spirit suddenly sent Philip to an Ethiopian man of great authority to help him understand the Gospel. Using Old Testament scriptures from Isaiah, Philip showed the man how Jesus of Nazareth was the “sheep” who had been led to slaughter like a lamb, “humiliated and received no justice.” Upon hearing the Isaiah passage, the Ethiopian instantly understood that Jesus, who had been crucified, was the sacrificial lamb! The Ethiopian immediately asked Philip if he could be baptized in the nearby water!

Act: Have you been baptized? On the third Sunday of June, July, and August, Viewpoint Church will be hosting a beach baptism service at 10 am at Tower 32 on Balboa Peninsula. If you, a friend, or a family member have never been baptized and would like to publicly profess your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we invite you to be baptized in the Pacific Ocean! If you would like to be baptized, or you do not live in the area and would like more information on baptism, please contact me directly at

Pray: Dear Lord, I am encouraged when I read how the Gospel has the power to immediately cause someone to want to publicly profess his or her faith in Jesus. Help me to be more like Philip, to (1) speak to others about You whenever I have the opportunity, and (2) encourage others to be baptized, inviting them to a church where the Gospel is preached and baptism is offered regularly. Oh, Lord, let my faith be both confident and contagious. Amen.

Be full of faith today!


DAY 9: Are you FULL of the Holy Spirit?

Read: Acts 7:51-8:13

ThinkActs 7:55 reads, “But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit…” These words are followed with an account of Stephen’s defense of his faith. His brutal stoning is softened only by the words, “…[Stephen] gazed steadily into heaven and saw the glory of God, and he saw Jesus standing in the place of honor at God’s right hand. And he told them, ‘Look, I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing in the place of honor at God’s right hand.’” You and I don’t know what tomorrow holds. We don’t know what trials we might face. But if we face every tomorrow and every trial “full of the Holy Spirit,” God the Father and Jesus His Son will be with us. 

Act: J. Oswald Sanders (20th century author and founder of China Inland Mission) said, “You’re as full of the Holy Spirit as you want to be.” Today, ask God to show you one immediate or specific situation in which you need more of the Holy Spirit's control. Even now, give God full control of this situation by praying words of relinquishment (or letting go). Throughout the day, if/when you are tempted to take back control, pray another relinquishment prayer. As you pray, hold your hands open to God as a sign of letting go. Even so, you might have to ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit and take control of the situation five times in ten minutes or two times in two hours! Pray until you trust God to control this situation. When you have “peace,” you will know you are full of the Holy Spirit.

Pray: Dear Lord, I often try to control things. Help me today to surrender_____________________ to You more fully. I love you and need more of the Helper, Your Holy Spirit, to strengthen and guide me. I put my trust in You. Amen.

Be full of faith today!


DAY 8: The Gospel: A Great Catalyst

Read: Acts 7:30-50

Think: In Stephen’s speech, he shouts, “…But our ancestors. . . refused to listen to Moses. They rejected him and they wanted to return to Egypt. . .they made an idol. . .and they sacrificed to it and celebrated over this thing they had made. Then God turned away from them…” Stephen was “setting up” the audience for a comparison between the Israelites of the past and the Jews of his day who had refused to listen to Jesus. These leaders had, in fact, rejected Jesus to the extent of sending Him to the cross. Stephen’s speech infuriated the Jewish leaders. Even so, Stephen did not hesitate to proclaim the Gospel. His speech and stoning would be a catalyst for a massive wave of persecution against Christians that would, ultimately, spread the Gospel across the region and the world.

Act: It takes courage to talk about God. But when we know what we believe, we will have greater confidence in sharing our faith with others. What holds you back, if anything, from sharing the Gospel—the Good News that God sent His only Son to die for us—with those who don’t believe? Is it lack of knowledge? Is it fear of rejection? Is it that your own faith is unsteady? Identify, today, one thing that would make you more confident about sharing the Gospel with unbelievers: __________________________________________________________________. Now, take action!

Pray: Dear Lord, cause me to intentionally get to know You better so that I can make You known. Bring someone into my life who needs to hear the Gospel today. Help me to speak a Word of hope or offer a prayer for them. I’ll be watching and waiting. Give me courage! I love you, Lord. Amen.

Be full of faith today!


DAY 7: Follow where God Leads…

Read: Acts 7:1-29

ThinkBoth the Old and New Testaments are packed with “faith in action” stories. In Acts 7, Stephen continues to defend his faith to those in the Synagogue by telling the stories of Abraham and Joseph, which were familiar to them. Both Abraham and Joseph’s lives were examples of people who followed God, even though they didn’t know where He was leading! There will be times when God asks you, like Abraham, to pick up and leave and go to a new place. Or like Joseph, you might have to wait on God to more clearly understand the past few years of your life. In Acts 7, Stephen wants to remind those listening to him that Jesus’ life was the continuation of God’s story with His people. God had promised a Messiah. Jesus was the Messiah who had been sent to live among the people, just as God had promised. Now, would they follow Him?

Act: After you read today’s verses, take a few minutes to write out your “God story” in a timeline or in an essay. When did you first meet God? Detail the times He has asked you to go to a new place and take Him with you. Share when have you struggled to understand why something happened, only later to see the purpose of God’s plan unfolding in your life. Be ready to tell your “God story” to the next person who asks you about your faith!

Pray: Dear Lord, I realize that we all come to know You and follow You in different ways. Thank You for making Yourself real to me. Give me courage to grow my faith as I daily read Your Word. Help me to answer Your call and follow You in both big and small ways.  I love you. Amen.

Be full of faith today!


DAY 6: Full of Grace and Power

Read: Acts 6:1-15

Think: Stephen was described as “a man full of God’s grace and power, [who] performed amazing miracles and signs among the people.” And yet, he was stoned because of his faith in Jesus. It is common to think that if we put our faith in Jesus, we should be entitled to a painless, perfect life. But as we read the book of Acts, we are given a much different picture! The book of Acts is the account of how Jesus’ earliest followers experienced suffering, persecution, even martyrdom because they believed in Him. In John 16:33, Jesus said, “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.” What does this make you think or feel about the Christian life?

Act: Across the world, there are many Christians who are being persecuted and even martyred—much like Stephen. Though we may be removed in distance, we can become powerful, diligent pray-ers on behalf of those across the world who are being persecuted for their faith. Today, consider praying throughout the entire 100 Days of Faith in Action for Christians in a specific country or nation who are being persecuted for believing in the Lord Jesus Christ (China, India, Kenya, etc.).

Pray: Dear Jesus, I humbly pray to You today on behalf of the persecuted church. Please bring rescue and help to children, women, men, pastors, and leaders across the world, who this very day are in danger because they believe in You and proclaim Your name. Keep me mindful and prayerful daily for those who live under persecution for the Gospel. Please grant them mercy, Jesus. Amen.

Be full of faith today!


DAY 5: Opposed, Yet Undeterred!

Read: Acts 5:1-42

Think: The disciple’s boldness about Jesus was uncontainable. Their strength was that they had been eye-witnesses of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. They knew the truth. They knew the power of God because they knew Jesus. His life, death, and resurrection was real and they could not stop talking about what He had done for them and for all who believed in Him. They were passionate and undeterred, even by violent opposition. They had a compelling message to share with the world.

Act: Not everyone is comfortable talking to others about Jesus. One way to become more comfortable is to develop a few questions or discussion-starters that can ease you into talking about Him with others. Today, brainstorm at least one question that you could ask a stranger and one question you could ask a friend that could begin a conversation with them about God. (Examples include: “Are you at all interested in spiritual things?” or “Is there anything specific I can about for you?”) 

Pray: Dear Jesus, give me a sincere interest in talking with strangers, friends. or family members who need You. Help me get over the fear of rejection or even opposition that might occur. Help me to pray diligently for opportunities to share with ________________________ (a neighbor, co-worker, or family member). Amen.

Be full of faith today!