DAY 7: Follow where God Leads…

Read: Acts 7:1-29

ThinkBoth the Old and New Testaments are packed with “faith in action” stories. In Acts 7, Stephen continues to defend his faith to those in the Synagogue by telling the stories of Abraham and Joseph, which were familiar to them. Both Abraham and Joseph’s lives were examples of people who followed God, even though they didn’t know where He was leading! There will be times when God asks you, like Abraham, to pick up and leave and go to a new place. Or like Joseph, you might have to wait on God to more clearly understand the past few years of your life. In Acts 7, Stephen wants to remind those listening to him that Jesus’ life was the continuation of God’s story with His people. God had promised a Messiah. Jesus was the Messiah who had been sent to live among the people, just as God had promised. Now, would they follow Him?

Act: After you read today’s verses, take a few minutes to write out your “God story” in a timeline or in an essay. When did you first meet God? Detail the times He has asked you to go to a new place and take Him with you. Share when have you struggled to understand why something happened, only later to see the purpose of God’s plan unfolding in your life. Be ready to tell your “God story” to the next person who asks you about your faith!

Pray: Dear Lord, I realize that we all come to know You and follow You in different ways. Thank You for making Yourself real to me. Give me courage to grow my faith as I daily read Your Word. Help me to answer Your call and follow You in both big and small ways.  I love you. Amen.

Be full of faith today!