DAY 1 : Power to Witness

Read: Acts 1:1-26

Think: Today is the first day of 100 Days of Faith in Action. As you read in Acts 1, remember, this is Jesus talking. Put yourself in the story. First, you are on the Mount of Olives as Jesus gives you an assignment to tell people everywhere about Him. Jesus reminds you that you will need help to be His effective witness. He promises to send the Holy Spirit to help you. He tells you what is going to happen: You will receive power to communicate to others who He is, that though He died on the cross for our sins, He is alive! After He gives you this assignment, He is taken up to heaven in a cloud! Wow. So you go and wait—about 120 of you who have been close to Jesus— just as He asked. You return to the house where you were staying and wait. What do you think you would be thinking and feeling while you were waiting?  How difficult is it for you to wait for God?  

Act: Andy Stanley, pastor of Northpoint Church in Atlanta, and author of Visioneering, said, “Waiting time is not wasted time.” While the disciples were waiting, they were praying together.  How often do you pray with others?  Who are your prayer partners?  Enlist one or more prayer partners to join with you during the 100 Days of Faith in Action!

Pray: Dear Lord, I ask for the immediate outpouring of your Holy Spirit to be upon me today and over the next 100 days. Help me to pray with others. Show me who my prayer partners will be during the next 100 days. Help us to pray for your power to come into our lives. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Be full of faith today!