DAY 15: Christ is for All!

Read: Acts 11:1-30

Think: In Wm. Barclay’s commentary on the Book of Acts, he noted that because Luke attaches a lot of “space” to the Peter/Cornelius incident, it had an important emphasis upon the early believers. Barclay suggested that “we don’t realize how close Christianity was to becoming another kind of Judaism.” He adds, “it was a notable milestone on the road along which the Church was feeling its way to the idea of a world for Christ.” 

Act: This story reveals how, then and now, securing and protecting unity in the Church was, and always will be, a constant theme! One of the best ways I have found to embrace such unity is through corporate prayer and worship. The very next time you are invited to a corporate, city-wide, county-wide, or community-wide prayer meeting, don’t hesitate to attend. Make it a priority. Show your unity by praying with other believers.

Pray: Dear Lord, forgive me if I have been too busy, too stubborn, or too lazy to pray with other brothers and sisters in Christ in my community. Help me to make unity in the body of Christ a priority. If invitations have come my way to join with others in prayer for our nation, state, and city, and I’ve neglected to go and pray with them, please forgive me. I ask You to remind me just how much you, Jesus, love all men and women—not just those in my church. Give me a new, fresh desire to come together in prayer with other believers in my area! I love You, Lord. Amen.

Be full of faith today!