DAY 14: Pride or Prejudice

Read: Acts 10:24-48

Think: Peter’s encounter with the Roman soldier, Cornelius, and Cornelius’ family displayed how, in the early days of Christianity, the Gospel spread from the Jews in Jerusalem to the Gentiles throughout the region. Initially, it amazed the disciples that Gentiles, when they heard the Gospel, quickly believed, were filled with the Holy Spirit and wanted to be baptized! The disciples had to unlearn much of their Jewish background and rigidity to accept the Gentiles into the faith. But God, through visions and visitations, convinced Peter that the Good News was for all people, until he could say, “I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism.”

Act: Examine your life today. Is there anyone with whom you’ve resisted sharing the Gospel for any reason? Ask God to speak to you about your attitude. Ask God to forgive you of any pride or prejudice. Ask God to help you unlearn any rigidity you might possess that has hindered you from welcoming others into the family of God!

Pray: Dear Lord, show me if there is anyone or people group toward whom I am prideful or prejudiced. Soften my heart so that I might be able to see clearly that You show no favoritism toward anyone. Help me to love others like You love others. Cause the words and stories in the Book of Acts to expose any pride that keeps me from loving and sharing with others the way You would have me love and share with them. Amen.

Be full of faith today!