DAY 13: Prompted by God

Read: Acts 10:1-23

Think: Today’s reading describes an angelic visit. Most of us have not experienced angelic visits, but throughout the Old and New Testaments, angels are consistent messengers who move, prompt, instruct, or bring a word from the Lord to human beings.

Early this year, five firefighters and policemen were interviewed regarding a voice they heard coming from an overturned car that was submerged in water. While still 100’s of feet from the car, the men heard an urgent voice calling to them, asking someone to “Help us.” Because of the voice, they sped up to rescue the passengers, whom they assumed were calling to them. Upon arrival, they found the mother at the wheel of the vehicle, submerged and deceased but her baby was unconscious yet too young to speak. During a national news interview, each of them said they heard a voice prompting them; and they had commented to each other upon hearing the voice, verifying that it was not just a thought in their heads. Each of them also admitted, they had no idea whose voice it could have been—but they all heard it. As a result, though the mother had been dead for many hours, the baby had been saved!

Act: The Word of God reminds us that God is not restricted by human means or human messengers to intervene in a situation. We might not be visited by an angel like Cornelius, or have a vision like Peter, but God speaks to us daily through His Word and by His Holy Spirit, even sending messengers our way to give us a word of hope, instruction or encouragement. Throughout today, watch and listen for God’s voice. Perhaps you have a recurring thought that lines up with a devotional reading or Bible verse? Perhaps God will prompt you to go/do/say something to a stranger on His behalf? Keep a record during the 100 Days of Faith in Action of any unusual way God speaks to you or uses you to speak to someone on His behalf. Send your story to me at

Pray: Dear Lord, today I will be listening and watching for You to prompt me to put my faith in action. Give me courage. I love You. Amen.

Be full of faith today!