DAY 76: Intensely Relevant to Corinth

Read: I Corinthians 11:1-16

Think: Today’s reading is quite specific to the church in Corinth—discussing veils, head coverings for women, and length of hair. The middle-east culture, at the time, included the Jewish tradition that women were considered a “thing” and the property of their husbands. It is no wonder that Christianity, since its inception, was countercultural for more than one reason! In a popular commentary on this chapter of Corinthians, the author said, “It would be quite wrong to make this passage of universal application; it was intensely relevant to the church of Corinth…”

Act: During a sweeping explosion of evangelism throughout China during the 19th century, Hudson Taylor, founder of China Inland Missions (CIM), was said to have lost the support of many in England because his organization trained, enlisted, and sent women to China as missionaries. He believed both men and women were called to reach the world for Christ! He resisted the tradition that kept women from missions, saying, “China is not to be won for Christ by quiet, ease-loving men and women," he wrote. "The stamp of men and women we need is such as will put Jesus, China, [and] souls first and foremost in everything and at every time—even life itself must be secondary.” Hudson Taylor became very instrumental in changing the perception of women in ministry within the church-at-large. His organization proved that women were extraordinary ministers of the Gospel, especially to unreached cultures. If you’ve never studied the inspirational lives of missionaries such as Hudson Taylor, please take some time this week to do so. Even more practical, take time today to pray for missionaries whom you support or know. They are an incredibly important part of God’s army of evangelists throughout the world. 

Pray: Dear Lord, it amazes me to think that men and women answer the call to travel across the globe to share the Gospel with people who have never heard it. You give them gifts to build, grow, translate, and offer medical help to entire communities that have not heard nor understand the message of the Good News. Give me a greater passion to pray for the men and who serve You in this capacity. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Be full of faith today!