DAY 35: You will be dragged before Kings

Read: Acts 25:1-27

Think: Jesus had predicted that his followers, in Matthew 10:18 would be “dragged before governors and kings because of me.” In Acts 25, Paul has come before Agrippa, Festus, Felix and others…and yet he will not stop talking about Jesus! Since the first century, Christians have stood in front of courts and kings to defend their faith in Jesus Christ. But they were never alone. The Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus, gave the early church the power to witness as recorded in Acts 1 and 2. And the Holy Spirit continues to empower all men and women, not only to speak on Christ’s behalf, but to live for Christ in every generation and culture since then. William Barclay notes in his commentary on the book of Acts, “The great Christians have never been afraid to point to themselves as living examples of the power of Christ.” 

Act: You may not be dragged before kings to defend your faith, but you will surely have numerous opportunities over your lifetime to speak boldly about God in your workplace, in your community, or while socializing with friends and neighbors. What will you say about Jesus? Remember, it is not only our words that influence others for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our love for the Word of God, our unusual kindness, our quick forgiveness toward an offense, the offer to pray for someone who is hurting, or the way we love the unlovely speaks just as loud as our words. Identify someone this week with whom you can share the love of Jesus Christ…don’t delay.

Pray: Dear Lord, let me be an example of Your love today to _________________. Give me the willingness to get out of my comfort zone and step out in love toward those who need prayer, forgiveness, and encouragement from You. Give me the courage to speak on Your behalf. Strengthen my faith, Lord. Amen.

Be full of faith today!