DAY 30: A Detailed Account

Read: Acts 21:18-36

Think: Luke records in Acts 21:19-20, “…Paul gave a detailed account of the things God has accomplished among the Gentiles through his ministry. After hearing this, they praised God…” One of the best ways to see how your faith is being put into action is to keep a detailed account of ALL that God is doing in and through your life. For over thirty years I have kept a daily, written record of my prayer requests and God’s answers. I have also written a “thank you” note to God every day, acknowledging one or more things that He did in my life that day. Additionally, I’ve read a Psalm each day and paraphrased it, making it my personal “praise” prayer—telling God how GREAT He is (which is different than thanking Him for what He has done.) Keeping a detailed account of the things God is accomplishing will not only fire you up, but cause others to praise God, too!

Act: If you have not kept a detailed account of what God has been doing in your life over the first 30 days of the 100 Days of Faith in Action, begin TODAY to write a daily “thank you” note to God for one specific thing He has done. For example, has God given you courage to invite a friend to church and they joined you? Thank God in writing! Has God prompted you to tell your “God story” with a stranger and they were encouraged? Thank God in writing! Has God used you to pray for someone who needed immediate relief and they received it? Thank God in writing! Has God changed your mind about a specific matter in which you were stuck or stubborn? Thank God in writing! Has the Word of God become more “alive” in your daily life in a specific way? Thank God in writing!

Pray: Dear Lord, thank You for Your Word that prompts me to boldly share the Gospel, to pray for others who need Your special touch, that convicts me of the areas of my life that need correction. Thank You for always reaching out to me. Show me how my life makes a difference for You. Give me greater courage to live my life for You each day. I  love You, Lord. Amen.

Be full of faith today!