DAY 22: A Bumpy Journey

Read: Acts 15:36-16:15

Think: As Paul continues to travel and share the Gospel, he parts ways with former travel partners over a “loyalty” issue. Instead of going with his “regular” travel companion, he joins with another man (Silas), and along the way, meets a young man to whom he would become a lifelong mentor (Timothy). Additionally, Paul is prevented by the Holy Spirit from traveling in the province of Asia, and in a vision, he is redirected to Macedonia. Moral of the story? The Christian journey is often bumpy. The clash of powerful personalities and/or misunderstandings that lead to parting of ways are not uncommon—yet often broaden the area reached for Christ. Though we may want to go in one direction, the Holy Spirit can and will redirect us at any time.

Act: I recently attended an event where four former members of one church were now at four different churches, yet still serving God! My husband commented on how all four of them were still serving God, but reaching more people by working in four churches, than if they had remained in the same church! How has God redirected you—whether it was to “regroup” you and place you with another team or to send you to a different location than you had planned on going? Consider if this might have furthered the Gospel and expanded the Kingdom of God. If necessary, let go of any hurt feelings that you have harbored toward anyone who helped “push” you in a new direction—one that the Holy Spirit had planned for you to go.

Pray: Dear Lord, forgive me for holding on to any resentment toward a person, church or team that I felt was keeping me back from serving You! Show me where/how/when to use the gifts you’ve given me to share the Gospel right where you have planted me! Give me great resilience, courage, and confidence to know that I am right where you want me.! I love you, Lord. Amen.

Be full of faith today!