DAY 19: Mission to Accomplish

Read: Acts 13:42-14:7

Think: The people begged Paul and Barnabas to come back again to speak to them. Acts 13:44 says, “The following week almost the entire city turned out to hear them preach the word of the Lord.” Acts 14:1-2 says, “The same thing happened in Iconium. They. . . preached with such power that a great number of both Jews and Greeks became believers.” The Holy Spirit, from the moment He was sent by Jesus until today, has given believers a mission to accomplish: preach the Good News!

Act: The believers in the early church knew the mission they were to accomplish. Acts 13:47 says, “For the Lord gave us this command when he said, ‘I have made you a light to the Gentiles, to bring salvation to the farthest corners of the earth.’” Charles Spurgeon, 19th century preacher and evangelist wrote in his book, SoulWinner, “the chief purpose of a Christian is soul winning!” With whom have you been sharing the Good News regularly? Identify someone God has put in your life to reach for Him: ___________________________. Identify one way you can be intentional in accomplishing the mission of sharing the Good News with this person this week _________________________________________________________.

Pray: Dear Jesus, thank you for the Holy Spirit who gives me power to witness! Give me Your relentless love for sharing the Good News with my family and friends.  Give me specific opportunities for sharing with them. Help me to be thoughtful, prayerful, and intentional in accomplishing the mission You have given to me. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Be full of faith today!