DAY 66: Laying a Foundation

Read: I Corinthians 3:5-23

Think: In I Corinthians 3, Paul shares that whenever he takes the Gospel message to a region, he lays a foundation—which is Jesus Christ—and then others build upon it. As so often is the case, Paul’s next comments include warnings to the readers: (1) Make sure you build upon the foundation with valuable materials (gold, silver, etc.) so that your work will last, (2) Don’t use worldly wisdom to build your church, and (3) Holiness must be your standard. William Barclay’s commentary on the Corinthian letters suggests, “As soon as bitterness enters a church, love goes from it. The truth can neither be spoken or heard rightly in that atmosphere. The very badge of the Church is love for the community. Anyone who destroys that love destroys the Church and therefore destroys the Temple of God.” 

Act:  For any church, Paul’s letter to the Corinthians serves both as an instruction booklet and a warning letter! His advice, over the centuries, remains relevant because it keeps the “main thing” the main thing! What is the foundation of the church? Jesus. How is the church to act toward others? Love. How are the church members to live among the world? Holy. Today, ask yourself how you are building on the foundation of Jesus Christ in your life, home, church, and community? Do you lift the name of Jesus higher than any other name? Do you love sacrificially? Do you live a holy (set apart to God) life when no one is looking? Today, (1) take some time to thank Jesus for all He means to you, (2) show love to someone who may think differently than you, and (3) ask the Lord to show you any area of your life that He would like to correct. 

Pray: Jesus, I love You! I want to be a part of building a strong church in my community. I want to love others to You. I want others to see You in me! Show me how I can serve You right where I live and work. Use me, Lord. Amen.

Be full of faith today!