DAY 61: Pray for me…

Read: Romans 15:23-16:9

Think: Paul’s request to the believers—the brothers and sisters in Rome—is to “join in my struggle by praying to God for me. Do this because of your love for me, given by the Holy Spirit.” One of my favorite books is Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer because it describes a contemporary, 20th century setting (World War II) in which the author is passionately instructing believers to struggle for each other in prayer. Both Paul and Bonhoeffer teach that prayer is a battleground in which we plead to God on behalf of others. Throughout the New Testament, prayer is the physical and virtual place where believers meet God to “do” business. It is the posture in which believers came humbly to God, bringing every need to Him. Prayer was vitally important to the inner life of a believer—which is the very reason prayer was (and is) considered a struggle!

Act: Andrew Murray, 19th century author and prayer expert, issued a reminder to believers in his book, Christ in the School of Prayer, that “the devil’s greatest tool is to keep the believer from praying!” Take the challenge to pray continuously, spontaneously, and relentlessly until you see God’s hand move in the life of your family and your nation. Two ways to increase in prayer power and focus include: (1) Make an appointment with God in prayer today and everyday for the rest of your life. (2) Listen to God’s promptings throughout the day to pray spontaneous prayers when He brings someone to mind. (You might never know how God uses your obedience in prayer and intercession for others.)  Most importantly, don’t think of prayer as a passive activity. Instead, allow prayer to become one of your most powerful spiritual resources, fueled by tenacity, unwavering faith, endurance, and relentless hope.

Pray: Dear Jesus, I lay my time before You. Give me the willingness to plan ahead each day and make an appointment with You in which I can share my concerns, my needs, and the needs of those around me. I ask You to make me a prayer warrior who is faithful—the moment you prompt me—to struggle for those who need help and healing. Give me a great listening ear and praying heart, Lord. Amen.

Be full of faith today!