DAY 56: How Great is Our God!

Read: Romans 11:13-36

Think: In Romans 11, Paul continues to refer to Old Testament verses to explain God. Quoting Isaiah 40, he writes, “For who can know the Lord’s thoughts? Who knows enough to give Him advice?” Paul brings the reader face-to-face with his or her humanity in light of God’s sovereignty. Critical to Paul’s overarching explanation of God is the underlying conviction that God’s ways are beyond anyone’s understanding!

Act: In our busy daily lives, rarely do we stop to think about how great God is, how deep is His love, how unfathomable is His wisdom, and how enduring is His patience. In Romans 11, Paul wants every reader to stop and consider how great and how merciful is our God! If and as we consider God’s greatness, we would pray with more humility, love more sacrificially, and give our lives more fully to the One who sees all, knows all, and controls all things. Today, pray on your knees. Humble your heart before the living, loving God. Give Him the glory and honor that He deserves (Romans 11:36).

Pray: Dear Lord, I believe that “everything comes from You, exists by Your power and is intended for your glory—forever!” Today, make me more aware of your sovereignty. Grant me a new awareness of how powerful You are, not only in my life, but throughout the world. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Be full of faith today!