DAY 100: Boasting in Weakness!

Read: II Corinthians 11:16-33

Think: As you read this portion of chapter 11, Paul’s unusual tactic for challenging the church in Corinth—which has been diluting the Gospel—is to boast in his weaknesses. In an overview of both letters to the Corinthians, Bible scholar NT Wright suggests, “Throughout his two letters to Corinth, Paul has been aware that the young church is in danger of being sucked in to the ordinary culture of their city and life. And the teachers who have influenced the church in his absence have been going in the exactly that direction. They have commended themselves, boasted of their achievements, they have wallowed in a culture of fame and success and showy rhetoric.” To rebuke them, Paul lists his crowning achievements as follows: he had been whipped, lashed, faced death, stoned, shipwrecked, worked hard, gone without food, and faced danger on the high seas. Paul writes, “If I must boast, I would rather boast about the things that show how weak I am.”

Act: For 100 days, we’ve been reading through the New Testament—from Acts to Romans to I & II Corinthians. Each books has revealed how to live a life for Christ that looks different from the way the world lives. Acts showed us that the life of faith requires an outside force—the Holy Spirit—who empowers us to bear witness to Jesus. Faith is fueled by the Gospel—a singular, powerful message about the One Lord, Jesus Christ. Faith is experienced and sustained within a community, in which Christ is embodied, the Church. To live this life of faith, we must be “all in.” We must let Him fill us and use us for His glory. Today, what is the “one thing” God has said to you or done for you during 100 Days of Faith in Action that has changed the way you live for Him? Please “boast in your weakness” and write to me at:

Pray: Dear Jesus, I’ve learned so much from reading through the Bible for the past 100 days! I’ve been challenged to lay down my pride, my plans, and my prejudices. I’ve been reminded of how great is Your love for me and for the Church on earth. Let my life be full of Your Holy Spirit today. Fill me up with more of You! Amen.

Be full of faith today!