Roger and Becky Tirabassi, Co-Pastors

Dr. Roger Tirabassi has spent over 25 years in ministry to couples and families in Newport Beach, Ca. first as a pastoral counselor and, for the past fifteen years, as Marriage Enrichment and Pre-Marital Pastor at Rockharbor Church in Costa Mesa, Ca. (where he remains part-time). He is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and Ashland Seminary, as well as co-author of numerous books, including Little Changes Big Results for Crazy, Busy Couples with his wife, Becky Tirabassi. Roger oversees the Men’s Ministry and team teaches with Becky on Sundays.

Becky Tirabassi, also a graduate of Bowling Green State University (Ohio), spent 25 years traveling across America speaking to students and adults on topics such as prayer, purity, and purpose. She is the author of 15 books, including Let Prayer Change Your Life and The Burning Heart Contract. Becky oversees the Women and Student Ministries at Viewpoint, as well as team teaches with Roger on Sundays. She recently was the Guest Chaplain at the US House of Representatives and is currently earning her Master of Divinity degree at Denver Seminary. More about Becky's books can be found at or visit more information on for her free, Burning Hearts 21 Day Adventure in prayer, purity, and purpose.

Roger and Becky are excited to have a new, permanent location and very hopeful that their expertise and experience in parenting, prayer, marriage and recovery will be a great source of leadership for the families at Viewpoint Church. They are the proud parents of Jacob Tirabassi and his wife, Khara, who have just returned home after five years of serving in Uganda as missionaries. The Tirabassi's have lived in Newport Beach for over 25 years.


Valerie Sizemore, Director of Involvement


What do you do at Viewpoint? I get to love on, welcome and connect people. I get to help people love, serve and grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ and with others. Here people find family, hope, encouragement, laughter, prayer, purpose and community. It’s my job to help facilitate these bonds and relationships and to help facilitate Christian fellowship and stewardship. It’s a pretty good gig and I’m all about it! 

What are you passionate about? The only thing I want in life is to be known for loving Christ. To build his church, to love his bride, and make his name known far and wide. For this cause I live, for this cause I die, I surrender all for the cause of Christ. All I once held dear, I leave behind, for my joy is this, the cause of Christ. 

And yes, I did just take the exact lyrics from a Kari Jobe song, but I mean it. Jesus is my passion. I love helping lead people into deeper and more intimate relationships with Jesus Christ. Watching people fall into the depths of Christ’s love for us, of living as radical followers and seeing people grow in spiritual maturity is where the Lord has created my heart to rejoice. I hope you will rejoice with me! 

What is your favorite Roger or Becky quote? “Val, wanna go to fro yo?” -Becky Tirabassi 


AJ Swies, Director of Operations and Associate Director Ministries

What do you do at Viewpoint? Operations- I oversee the facilities and assist specific ministries with any practical needs. I have the privilege of working with  selfless volunteers every week.  
Ministies- I have the privilege of leading the High School ministry. This includes lesson planning and meeting with students on a weekly basis leading them into a greater intimacy with Jesus. I also am apart of the teaching team and occasionally get to teach on Sunday mornings.  

What is your spiritual background? The church has been a safe place of refuge for me my whole life.  Growing up in the church has been the greatest blessing of my life because when trial hit my life I knew where to run to.  I have had a personal relationship with Jesus as far as I can remember, but it was not until my sophomore year of college that I started to realize the love he had for me.  I had an encounter with the love of God through the Holy Spirit that changed my life forever.  This encounter made me realize that I am a child of God and with that comes power, joy, love, and hope.  

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about helping lead people into encounter with God to show them who they really are in Him.  The passion of my life is to see a generation rise up and go after God with everything they have until “on earth as it is in heaven” is reality in the nations of the earth.  

What is your favorite Roger or Becky quote? “Hey AJ, want to go to Home Depot?" -Roger

Nathan Armstrong, Worship Director

What do you do at Viewpoint? I head up a team of people who use their talents to lead others into God's presence. I will get songs and schedules ready and make sure that teams are being built and people are growing not only musically but also spiritually as well.

What is your spiritual background? I grew up in church my whole life and after just hearing and still trying to do things my own way and wanting to make a name for myself I soon realized life is not about me and it never will be. I Encountered a real living and loving God that is not mad at me but is madly in love with me. I now live with purpose and desire to lift the name of Jesus higher than any other name. I have had the pleasure of leading worship all across the globe including multiple states in the US as well as Africa and Mexico. 

What are you passionate about? Building teams and partnering with the Miracle Maker to see a tangible shift in the atmosphere as dead bones come to life. I absolutely love to see people become who they are created to be.
Move. Create. Change.

What is your favorite Roger or Becky quote? “I'm FIRED UP!" -Becky